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Ukraine Web Photo Gallery - Cherkasy Region

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Cherkasy city centre

Local authorities building

Victory Day Celebrations

Memorial to Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky

Monument to Taras Shevchenko at burialplace, Kaniv

Wedding Palace in Cherkasy

Wedding Palace ceremony

Celebrations in Sofyivka Park, Uman

200th anniversary celebrations in Sofyivka, Uman

Sailing regatta on Dnipro River

Horseback riding on shores of Dnipro

Dnipro River near Cherkasy

Cherkasy fountains

Cherkasy park

Sunset over Dnipro River

Wedding Palace in Cherkasy

Cherkasy Airport

Wind-surfing in Mytnytsa district

Monument to Cossacks in Korsun

Cherkasy Park

Cherkasy city's birthday

Cafe in Cherkasy

Glory Square

Beaches on the Dnipro River

Historic Matronenskyi Convent

Corn harvesting

Sunflower fields

Wheatfields in Cherkasy Oblast

Sunset on the Dnipro River


Cherkasy City streets


SOFIYIVKA Arboretum in Uman

SOFIYIVKA Arboretum, Uman - Nizhny pond

SOFIYIVKA Arboretum, Uman - Arcade


SOFIYIVKA Arboretum, Uman - Fetida's Grotto

SOFIYIVKA Arboretum, Uman

Montronynsky Monastery, Chyhyryn

400th Anniversary of Khmelnytsky, Chyhyryn

Ilinska (St. Elias) Church, Subotiv (Chyhyryn)

Monument to Cossack Hetman Khmelnytsky

Monument to Taras Shevchenko, Kaniv, Cherkasy obl. / . ' .

Dnipro (Dnieper) River near Kaniv / г

Ros River near Korsun-Shevchenkivsky, Cherkasy obl. / г , .