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"Getting Started" - researching steps

You should always start your Genealogical Researching with Yourself, gathering all your Vital Records (birth, marriage, civil and church records). Then write down everything you know about your family and put it on Pedigree and Family Group charts. You can find these at your local Genealogical Society, Latter-Day Saints Family History Center, and local library.

The Latter-Day Saints have a web site with Basic Information on Beginning a Family History Search. You can find it at: http://www.lds.org.

FHC (Family History Center) is a branch of the Latter-Day Saints(LDS) Church in Salt Lake City Utah. There are over 2,000 local branches in about 50 countries around the world with libraries containing filmed records. The FHC is open free to the public. You do not have to be a member of the church to use the library. No one will try to convert you or preach to you. To locate a FHC near you, check your phonebook yellow pages under "Churches, Latter-day Saints" for a listing, or call 800-346-6044 or check http://www.everton.com/fhcusa.html.

Do interviews with your relatives to gather all the information you can about them and what they might know about other relatives.

Then you keep working BACKWARDS.

Get Vital Records for your Parents (again civil and church records). Your Parents may have died or no longer have these records, this will mean writing letters to the State Department of Health, State Archives, or County Clerk's Office in the county where the events occurred (most records are NOT on-line). These records will give you information on your parents and take you back a generation to your Grandparents.

Do not skip a generation and be sure to obtain the records to confirm your data. To find out more about your Parents and Grandparents, and their children, research the Federal Census; 1920 and 1900 contain so much information!!

You can order the Census records you need (for about $3.25) at all LDS FHC libraries (call 800-346-6044 for a location) Many large state library maintain census records and some smaller local libraries have census records also, just call your library. You can also order them with the AGLL (American Genealogical Lending Library). Go to the web site at http://www.heritagequest.com for more information. The site http://www.familytreemaker.com/13_every.html provides a list of the census years, and what was asked during those census years.

Work your way back to the ancestor who came to the US. Find the Passenger Arrival Document. Find Naturalization Documents. These all contain information that will take you overseas. You'll need to find the name of the town/village, and Oblast/district that your ancestor came from in order to find documents in Ukraine.

[ Contents | Getting Started | Census Records | Naturalization Records | Researching Passenger Arrival in the United States ]

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