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Consular Section

331 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1S3
Tel. (613) 230-8015
Fax (613) 230-2655

Requests for Obtaining Documents from Ukraine

To initiate a request for an archival search for originals or copies of official documents (birth, divorce, death and education certificates or records, etc) issued on the territory of Ukraine, the applicant needs to obtain and complete a questionnaire, which can be found at - docsukraine.doc (Attachment#1). The questionnaire should be completed in Ukrainian, typed in block letters in black or blue ink, dated, and signed by the applicant.

Three originals of the questionnaire must be submitted for each document being requested to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada or to the Consulate General of Ukraine in Toronto located at 2120 Bloor Street, West, Toronto, Ontario M6S 1M8, and whose telephone is (416) 763-3114, and fax is (416) 763-23-23.

If the questionnaire will not be submitted by the applicant in person, then it will also need to be notarized by a Canadian notary.

The request will be accepted provided that the questionnaire is fully completed. For the applicant’s convenience, a translation of the questionnaire into English is provided - docsukraine-e.doc (Attachment#2).

There is a non-reimbursable $65.00 CDN fee for each document search. Payment should be in the form of a money order, certified personal check or bank check made payable to the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada or to the Consulate General of Ukraine in Toronto depending upon where the application is being submitted. Uncertified checks and cash are not acceptable. Payment for return postage should not be sent.

If a photocopy of the requested document is available, it may be helpful to include it with the questionnaire, as it may assist in facilitating the search for the document.

Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the return of your request unprocessed.

The procedure to be followed when requesting documents from Ukraine's regional offices of live records

1. Copies of the certificates may be released only to the persons involved, who have requested them in the past. Copies of children's (under 18 years of age) birth certificates may be released to parents or adoptive parents only. Persons who become of age may obtain copies of their certificates presenting their Ukrainian passports.

Persons deprived of parental rights cannot obtain their children's birth certificates.

Copies of death certificates may be issued only to the next of kin. An appropriate document proving lineage is required.

2. Copies of dissolved marriage certificates cannot be issued. In such cases an applicant can obtain a copy of record only.

3. Copies of certificates proving the registration of the civil state acts can be issued only to the persons mentioned in the civil record. Besides, certificates verifying the registration of birth, marriage, divorce, changes of last name, given name, patronymic name can be released to the next of kin, adoptive parents or custodians only.

4. When applying for a copy of any certificate an applicant should furnish the following information: last name, given name, middle name and address of an applicant; last name, given name and middle name of a person, in whose name a certificate is requested; name of certificate requested; when and where the civil state act has been registered; reason for request. When requesting birth certificates full and patronymic names of the parents should be indicated. If the marriage or divorce certificate is requested, an applicant should indicate the name of the spouse.

Requesting other documents

Please be advised that all issues and documents concerning compensation for forced labor during the World War II are within the competence of the Ukrainian National Fund "Vzayemorozuminnya ta prymyrenya" ("Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation ").

Ukrainian national fund "Vzayemorozuminnya ta prymyrenya"
Address: 1/12, Baseyna, Kyiv, 252004, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 (44) 224-65-55, 224-43-19

If there is no data available in the archives regarding forced labor or incarceration in forced labor camps in Germany, an applicant is required to forward a request to the National Society of International Red Cross. Search Service of the National Society of Red Cross
Address: 30, Pushkinska Str., Kyiv, 252004, Ukraine

An applicant can apply directly to International Search Service. International Search Service in Germany
Address: Internationaler Suchdienst, 5-9, Globe Allee, 34444 Arolsen, Bundersrepublik Deutschland

Applicants can also apply directly to Polish establishments in order to obtain necessary documents:
- Buiro Informacji i Poszukiwan;
- Archiwum Glownej Komisji Badania Zbrodni p-ko Narodowi Polskiemu.
Buiro Informacji i Poszukiwan

Address: Rzeczpospolita Polska, PCK 00-640 Warszawa, ul. Mokotowska, 14 Archiwum Glownej Komisji Badania Zbrodni p-ko Narodowi Polskiemu
Address: Rzeczpospolita Polska, IPN 00-898 Warszawa, al. Solidarnosci, 127

Additional information regarding obtaining compensation from the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany for forced labor can be received from the bars of "Ukrinyurkolegiya" (Ukrainian Foreign Bar Association), which deals with certain issues in this sphere.
Address: 2a, Zolotovoritska St., Kyiv, 252034, Ukrainea
Tel.: +380 (044) 234-52-08, 246-53-90, 246-5391, 246-53-92

Regarding resettlement issues of 1945-1946 under the Agreement between the former USSR and Poland an applicant should apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine.<
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine
Address: 28, Pushkinska St., Kyiv, 252004, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 (044) 224-10-70

The International Red Cross in Kyiv may be able to search for relatives with whom an applicant lost contact - either in Ukraine or in the United States. If you last had news of them in Ukraine during World War 11, that is, up to May 1945, please provide any identifying information to the Red Cross.

Search Service of the National Society of Red Cross
Address: 30, Pushkinska St., Kyiv, 252004, Ukraine

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