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Press Release

Opening Remarks by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, at the Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Defence Ministers' Session

December 6 , 2000     # 41

Welcome to our meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Defence Ministers' Session.

Let me begin by announcing that today is Armed Forces Day in Ukraine. We are honoured that Minister Kuzmuk has chosen to be with his NATO colleagues on this particular day. This is a clear indication of our close relationship and the priority Ukraine attaches to our work.

At present 300 Ukrainian servicemen participate in K-FOR operations providing essential helicopter support in Kosovo. The Polish-Ukrainian battalion deployed for the first time is doing an outstanding job.

This is a well appreciated contribution to projecting stability in Europe and a visible example of how the practical cooperation between NATO and Ukraine has matured over time. Congratulations to these and all members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Our agenda today is focused on defence reform and strengthening our ability to work together. We are encouraged by Ukraine's decision to carry forward reform of its armed forces and to share its plans with us. In preparing today's agenda representatives from capitals and here at the Headquarters have discussed how best to support Ukraine's ambitious plans for reform and development of its armed forces. We have a number of innovative proposals before us.

There is no doubt that we are on the right track.

Allies and NATO civil and military authorities are prepared to share their experiences and stand ready to give their support to Ukraine and to you, Minister Kuzmuk.

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