Interactive Puzzle Map of Ukraine

Cherkasy Oblast
Chernihiv Oblast
Chernivtsi Oblast
Crimea Oblast
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Donetsk Oblast
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
Kharkiv Oblast
Kherson Oblast
Khmelnytsky Oblast
Kirovohrad Oblast
Kyiv Oblast
Luhansk Oblast
Lutsk Oblast
Lviv Oblast
Mykolayiv Oblast
Odesa Oblast
Poltava Oblast
Rivne Oblast
Sumy Oblast
Ternopil Oblast
Uzhorod Oblast
Vinnytsia Oblast
Zaporizhia Oblast
Zhytomyr Oblast

Start the timer.
See how long it takes:
  Test your knowledge about the oblasts (regions) of Ukraine by clicking
   on each oblast and dragging it onto the map while holding the mouse button.
   If you place it correctly, your region will stay on the map.
   Click  here to see the completely assembled map.