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Adoption of Children Who are Citizens of Ukraine

Citizens of Canada, who have expressed an interest in adopting a child who is a citizen of Ukraine, should make a written declaration of intent to the Center for Child Adoption of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine (address: 252032 Kyiv, 27 Taras Shevchenko Street, telephone 216-2721) or through their appropriate Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in Canada regarding their placement on a list of candidates for adoption and the right to visit corresponding governmental agencies for the selection, visitation, and adoption processes involving such children.

Accompanying such declaration should be the following documentation:

1. Declaration executed by the competent authority of the resident country of the candidates being registered, which confirms the candidates capacity to be registered, including his status as a homeowner or renter of an acceptable residence, biographical information, familial status - whether married, for how long, how many children and their ages, all other relevant personal information; in the event that the declaration is made by a non governmental authority, attached should be a copy of the authorization by competent government authority permitting such fulfillment of this requirement for the adoption;

2. Permits of the competent governmental authority where the candidates reside allowing the child to be adopted to enter and legally reside within its jurisdiction;

3. Document regarding receipts, earnings, income (bank statement showing the annual income of the family);

4. Medical certificate regarding the health of each candidate being registered;

5. Copy of marriage certificate (provided those candidates making the declaration are married);

6. Declaration by the competent legal authority for each candidate being registered stating that no criminal activity has ever been engaged in by such candidate;

7. Guarantee of those adopting at the time of adoption of the child that registration of the child will be made within one month at the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in the area in which they reside and updated information will be provided each year regarding the upbringing of the child, it being understood that the candidates guarantee the right of the Consulate's representatives to visit the child and that the child shall remain a citizen of Ukraine until his eighteenth birthday.

The documents noted shall be legally notarized by the documentary seal of the Notary Public, and authenticated by a Document Authentication Officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada.

The documents should be translated into the Ukrainian language. The translation should be validated by written approval in the appropriate Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate or in the offices of the government notary in the territory of Ukraine.

The Center examines the adoption documents presented by the candidates, puts these candidates on a waiting list, gives them necessary information regarding the children available for adoption, including all information which would be necessary for adoption, and then gives detailed information regarding where the candidates should present themselves in order to meet with the children who can be adopted.

For the decision of questions regarding the possibility of adoption of certain children by foreign citizens, written notice should be given to the appropriate department of education in the city where the child resides.

For the resolution of questions regarding the adoption of a child who is a citizen of Ukraine, foreign citizens should address the Center for all permits necessary to finalize the adoption.

At the time foreign citizens seek to finalize their application for the adoption of a specific child, the Center examines all necessary materials and gives written permission for the processing of the adoption or, at that time, a written denial in detailed form.

Adoption of the child, who is a citizen of Ukraine, for foreign citizens is effected by the decision of the city (raion) court for granting adoption orders.

No payments are to be made by candidates for the adoption of a child except those related to covering incidental office expense.

The receipt of any type of payment or favor for the granting of the adoption is forbidden.

No person acting in an introductory or intermediary capacity is allowed to accept any kind of payment for having facilitated the adoption of a child.

In the name of and in the interest of citizens who request the adoption of a child, other individuals may act by specific written power-of-attorney for the purpose of effecting the correct legal transfer of the child except in the following capacities:

The enabling acts of Ukraine which govern issues of adoption are:

1. Civil Code of Ukraine.

2. Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine.

3. Code for Marriage and Family in Ukraine.

4. Order giving children, who are citizens of Ukraine, the right to be adopted by Ukrainian citizens and foreign citizens and the stating control verification regarding their living with the adoptive family (Passed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, effective from July 20, 1996, No. 775).

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