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Interim Procedures for Foreign Adoptions

Consular Section
331 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1S3
Tel. (613) 230-8015
Fax (613) 230-2655

The Adoption Center at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (27 Taras Shevchenko Blvd., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01032; tel.: (044) 246-54-32, 246-54-49, 246-54-37) has established the following interim procedures for foreign adoptions:

  1. Foreign citizens will be received at the Adoption Center only after they have been registered as adoptive parent candidates, of which they will be informed in writing by the Director of the Centre.

  2. Within after one month after being registered as adoptive parent candidates, they may propose possible dates for their arrival in Ukraine.

  3. Within a one month period, adoptive parent candidates reach an agreement with the Centre on a date for their arrival in Ukraine for the purpose of familiarizing themselves with the data bank of orphaned children and children whose parents have been stripped of their parental rights, of which an appropriate notation is made in the Centre's visitation book and of which the adoptive parent candidates are notified.

  4. Upon written confirmation to the foreign citizens of their date of arrival (via email, fax, etc.), a list of visitors to the Centre is compiled based upon the sequential dates of their registration, allowing for no more than ten visitors per day, which is communicated to the consular post of Ukraine, as well as to the adoptive parent candidates.

2003 10 06