Site of the Monument

An ideal site has been selected for the monument by the Organizing Committee and the work of the Committee is proceeding on this site. The site is next to one of the busiest streets in Ottawa (Baseline Road), near the Rideau River (a symbolical reminder of the Dnipro River), can accommodate large gatherings of people with land space and parking, and is free from future development. The site is adjacent to a city park and, most importantly, touches on the beautiful Ukrainian Shrine of St. John the Baptist.


This site was selected not only for the above physical features, but because the location was within the jurisdiction of the church.  This helped substantially to eliminate such bureaucratic issues as getting the rights and permit from the City of Ottawa for erecting the monument.


For more details, download and  read the following PDF file (164 kB).

View from Space

can be seen on a Google map here. The cross-shaped building seen at the end of Green Valley Crescent is the Ukrainian church. The open green space in front offers a convenient location for the monument. The Rideau River can be seen on the right. It is also possible to erect monument closer to the river where a river bank is covered by small trees and bushes..

Ground view        
  View from South across Heron Rd. See map   View from South (more distant) across Heron Rd.   View from East across the river. See map   View along the sidewalk on the riverbank.