Sculptor   The Ottawa monument was created by world-renowned Ukrainian-Canadian sculptor Leo Mol. His full name - Leonid Hryhorovych Molodozhanyn.

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Leonid Molodozhanyn was born in 1915 in Ukraine, in the town of Polonne (today a town in Volyn Oblast). He acquired his artistic education in the Leningrad Institute of Painting Sculpture and Architecture (1936-1940). In 1943, he continued his studies in the Hague (Netherlands). In 1948, Leonid moved to Canada with his wife Margareth.   until his death in 2009, he lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba where, in 1992 he built his famous "Leo Mol Sculpture Garden" - a site that houses and displays more than 300 of his creations. He also maintained a studio in Munich, Germany. His was a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, a corresponding member of the National Association of Sculptors of America.

Awards and Medals:

1964 - His statue of Taras Shevchenko is unveiled in Washington by US President Dwight Eisenhower

■ 1989 - Receives the Order of Canada

■ 2000 - Honored with the Order of Manitoba

■ 2002 - Canada unveils a postage stamp with Leo Mol's sculpture "Lumberjacks"

Церемонія вручення ордену України "За заслугу" канадському скульптору Леоніду Молодожанину (Прес реліз з архівів Посольства) - Ceremonial Presentation of Order of Ukraine to Ukrainian-Canadian Sculptor Leonid Molodzhanyn (Leo Mol) (Embassy News archives)

Has received honorary degrees from the universities of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Alberta.

For a detailed biography of Leo Mol, download and  read the following PDF file (164 kB)

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