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Working independently for over 12 years, the Petro Jacyk Foundation showed in practice how to successfully develop long-term internationally recognized projects in Ukrainian studies. Probably, no other Ukrainian organization can match our experience and success in this field.

All programs created by the Foundation continue to function effectively and to bring concrete benefits to Ukrainian scholarship and culture. Within the next 100 years they will achieve still greater international significance and on the heels of their success, more new programs will be created! Even today these achievements place Petro Jacyk among the prominent international philanthropists.

However, these programs have been undertaken over a relatively short period of time and have been financed by one individual. What if several individuals were to join forces with the Foundation to work constructively to improve the international status of Ukraine and Ukrainians? How much more could be done and accomplished!

Inspired by this idea of a unified effort, the Foundation decided for the first time in its history to appeal to other Ukrainians to join in its work by establishing Permanent Name Funds at the Foundation. These Funds can support virtually independent programs named after their founders. You can create university programs in your own name or sponsor important scholarly publications. You can establish a prize in your name for prominent scholars, scientists, writers, or politicians, or a scholarship fund for Ukrainian students. You can join important international projects made possible only due to the Foundation's status and high international reputation!

In our unified work for Ukraine and Ukrainians, you will benefit from our past achievements and immortalize your name for posterity. You will also be able to take advantage of our special legal status, international contacts, experienced leadership, and effective professional management. Together we will accomplish more than we could individually and your programs, established in the Jacyk Foundation, will serve as your everlasting monument!

Your Name Fund will be established on the basis of monetary contributions or gifts of real estate made in any of the following ways:

* through a one-time only contribution;

* through an annual schedule of donations;

* through your will or trust;

* through an individualized plan of property donation in your living will, whereby you receive a high rate of interest income from your donation to the Foundation until the end of your life, at which point your donation becomes your permanent Name Fund!

Those who wish to contribute to Ukrainian scholarship, culture, and community life, yet are unable to sponsor a Name Fund, have the opportunity to fulfil their goal by donating to one of our specialized Funds, such as the Ostrih Academy Fund, or by supporting the Foundation's General Fund.

Over the years the Jacyk Foundation showed that it is one of the most efficient organizations of its kind. We do not spend money on celebrations and banquets, but focus our attention on daily work which brings concrete results. You may be certain that each and every dollar donated to the Jacyk Foundation will be used to promote a valuable project benefiting Ukrainian scholarship and culture.

All donations are tax-deductible! The Foundation provides regular reports of its activities and gives public recognition to all donors. For additional information please contact Taras Yatsishin, PJEF Managing Director, at:

5080 Timberlea Blvd., Suite 202, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4W 4M2
tel: (905) 238-0467, fax: (905) 625-8445

since April 27th 1999

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