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"Entsyklopediia Ukrainoznavstva" (Encyclopedia of Ukraine)

The multi-volume "Entsyklopediia Ukrainoznavstva", edited by Dr. V. Kubiiovych and published by the Shevchenko Scientific Society, is an invaluable source of verified factual information about Ukraine and its people, written by prominent Ukrainian emigre scholars. "Entsyklopediia Ukrainoznavstva" is considered to have provoked the publication of the Soviet Ukrainian Encyclopedia and it has been particularly valued for its detailed documentation of the Ukrainian National Movement and its major political and cultural leaders. It served as a model and a primary source for the English-language Encyclopedia of Ukraine, as well as for several encyclopaedic publications which appeared in Ukraine in the 1990s. Mr. Jacyk's financial support was instrumental to this project's success.

Ukraine: a Historical Atlas

In 1985, Petro Jacyk sponsored the publication of Professor Robert Magocsi's Ukraine: a Historical Atlas, a book which, through its 35 maps of Ukrainian lands in various periods of history, supplemented with extensive commentaries, illustrates the unceasing historical process of the shaping of the Ukrainian nation.

Jacyk Foundation Awards in Ukrainian History

In 1995, the Foundation introduced an awards program for distinguished works in Ukrainian historical studies. To date, twelve stipends, ranging from $500 to $2,500, have been awarded to historians in Ukraine and the West. In addition, the Foundation covered the cost of a historical seminar held in Kyiv.

Western literature on psychiatry in Ukraine

The primary goal of the Geneva Initiative is to develop an extensive publication program to assist mental health workers in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. Since 1992, this Netherlands-based foundation has shipped tens of thousands of volumes of Western psychiatric literature to former Soviet republics. The largest psychiatric library was set up in Kyiv where the Geneva Initiative also founded a publishing house which has become the main source of specialized publications for psychiatrists in the former USSR. A grant from the Foundation assisted the Geneva Initiative's publishing projects in Ukraine.

Ukrainian physicians in international cancer research

The Foundation's 1991 and 1993 grants enabled the International Union Against Cancer for the first time in its history to organize a training program for prominent Ukrainian oncologists in prestigious cancer research institutions in the West. Specialists from Ukraine were given the opportunity to become acquainted with the newest technological and methodological developments in the field.

Sabre-Svitlo Foundation in Ukraine

Founded in 1969, the Sabre Foundation provides books to various educational institutions in Eastern Europe, organizes scholarly conferences, and finances support programs for private farmers and entrepreneurs. Since 1990, the Sabre Foundation has shipped more than 400,000 books and journals to Ukraine. One of its affiliated offices is located in Lviv. A grant from our Foundation funded a shipment of technical, medical, business, and law textbooks and monographs, as well as Ukrainian children's books, globes, and atlases, to Ukraine in 1991.

Ukrainian schools and orphanages in Brazil

Petro Jacyk has been supporting Ukrainian schools and orphanages in Brazil since the 1970s. Both Petro Jacyk and the Foundation have donated funds to establish a school for Ukrainian children in Prudentopolis and to rebuild a burnt-down Ukrainian seminary in Curitiba. Petro Jacyk financed the publication of the Portuguese-language book about Ukraine and the Ukrainian settlements in Brazil, and supported several local Ukrainian university students.

Ontario Heritage Foundation

The Ontario Heritage Foundation's mandate is to preserve, protect, and promote Ontario's diverse heritage. The Foundation's grant, contributed in 1992 on behalf of the Ukrainian Canadian community, covered the costs of the full restoration of the Ontario Heritage Centre's magnificent oval boardroom.

Student scholarships and research grants

During the first years of its existence, the Foundation expended over $65,000 in scholarships and grants for Ukrainian students and researchers and over $13,000 to subsidize the fees for TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT tests taken by students in Ukraine. This has enabled more than 200 Ukrainian students to take these tests free of charge and, subsequently, continue their studies at Western universities. The Foundation provided annual awards to graduates of Humberside Collegiate Institute in Toronto with exemplary knowledge of Ukrainian. This scholarships and grants program was terminated in 1993, and, as of today, the Foundation no longer provides student scholarships or research grants.


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tel: (905) 238-0467, fax: (905) 625-8445

since April 27th 1999

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