Goldring Calls For UN Involvement In Ukraine

OTTAWA – Edmonton East Member of Parliament Peter Goldring says if the United Nations fails to intervene in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine “then what use is it, why even have a United Nations if it won’t deal with the flagrant aggression on the part of Russia?”

Mr. Goldring was reacting to news that the Russian Navy has scuttled a junked ant-submarine vessel in a strategic location that cuts off Ukrainian naval access to the Black Sea. “What we have here is a clear violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty by the Russians,” Mr. Goldring states. “President Putin was playing a dangerous game by suggesting the troops occupying government facilities in Crimea couldn’t be Russian because they had no Russian insignia on their uniforms. The fact they spoke Russian, drove Russian military vehicles and flew Russian helicopters was just a coincidence. Just like a scrapped Russian Navy ship being towed out and sunk where it will prevent the Ukrainian navy from going about its legitimate business is just a coincidence. President Putin must think the rest of the world are fools”

Mr. Goldring also noted the planned referendum on joining Russia to be held in Crimea on March 16 is totally illegal. “Even if the Crimean Parliament had the authority to hold such a referendum, to organize something like that 10 days is ludicrous. The logistics alone are such that a free and fair vote can’t be organized that quickly, let alone have adequate opportunity for debate. Who counts the ballots? The occupying Russian troops? Putin might as well announce the results before any balloting is held, because the world already knows that such a referendum is a Soviet- style sham.”