Ukrainian Canadians Reject Illegitimate,

Illegal Referendum In Eastern Ukraine

OTTAWA - MAY 12, 2014. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) issued the following statement on yesterday’s so-called “referendum” in Donetsk and Luhansk, Ukraine: “The world community must join Canada and the United States in rejecting the results of today’s so-called referendums staged in some parts of eastern Ukraine.”

The balloting was a sham and a ham-fisted attempt by pro-Russian, Kremlin-backed separatists to divide Ukraine,” stated UCC National President Paul Grod. “We have witnessed reports of many thousands of pre-marked ballots, no voters lists and intimidation. Today’s poll was illegal and illegitimate and must be rejected.”

The referenda held today in parts of Luhansk and Donetsk by armed separatist groups are illegal under Ukrainian law and are an attempt to create further division and disorder. The referenda violated international law and the results of these illegal referenda cannot be recognized.

We encourage Canada and the international community to support the legitimate efforts of the Ukrainian government to hold presidential elections on May 25.”