Self-organized Patriots of Ukraine

Continue to Picket Toronto’s

Russian Consulate

By Myroslava Stadnyk


On a left – Katya TrofimovaToronto, Ontario (April 28, 2014). For over eight weeks, Toronto’s daily picket at the Russian Consulate continues to be organized by Ukrainian-Canadian patriots protesting against military intervention in Ukraine.

We started to gather to organize a daily picket by Church and Bloor back in March, when Crimea became occupied,” said Tetyana – one of the committed picketers who chose not to disclose her last name. “Our protest is carried out daily, during the lunch hour, to call for the public’s attention regarding Putin’s unlawful actions, which continue to escalate as a conflict in eastern Ukrainian provinces.” Tetyana added that her attendance at protests is crucial in terms of raising awareness about the happenings in her home country. She hopes the international community will become more involved, condemning Russia’s move as a violation of international law.

The picket usually consists of seven to ten devoted individuals. There are elderly and young, born in Ukraine, Canada, Poland and Russia. These protestors choose to attend the picket every working day – even if it snows or rains. They hold banners and wave Ukrainian flags, urging Putin to withdraw his troops from Ukraine. They shout: “Putin, get out of Ukraine!”

According to the Associated Press, the situation in the eastern Ukraine is menacing, as Russia recently announced new military exercises involving large troop formations. For Toronto’s Ukrainian community members such news is very alarming. “No one wants conflict, but the current situation in Ukraine calls for war,” said Katya Trofimova. “My father is Ukrainian, my mother is Russian, I myself am Ukrainian-born raised in Canada – but there is no difference of opinion in my family in regards to this issue at all,” Trofimova added. “Liberty is liberty – Russia has no business meddling in Ukrainian affairs. Putin needs to keep his hands off Ukraine!” Trofimova hopes the crisis is defused through a diplomatic solution. She says she will continue coming to the local protest to demonstrate her support for independent and prosperous Ukraine, and urge the international community’s reaction in this regard.

The daily picket by the Russian Consulate will continue to be held during the lunch hour. For more information and updates, please visit the Facebook page:


On a left – Katya Trofimova