Newly Elected President

of OYK Toronto Branch

Newly Elected President of OYK Toronto Branch Chrystyna CahuteOn Sunday April 5, 2013 OYK Toronto Branch held its Annual Meeting and Chrystyna “Binka” Cahute was elected president.

In her acceptance speech she said: ”It is with great honour that I accepted the nomination as President of OYK Toronto Branch. I have grown up in YHO/OYK, and a majority of the members have been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I am in awe of the women of OYK; the spirit, accomplishments, most notably, the recent labour of love - the DVD of the history of OYK, from the “divochey hurtok” it started out as, to the strong, vibrant Organization it is today.

The term “getting back to our roots” is often used in today’s society. With advancements in technology, and progress in general, “getting back to our roots” represents getting back in touch with your essence, going back and embracing your authenticity. With the changes that are underway within the Not For Profit Organizational structure, I believe that we will be able to “get back to our roots”. Back to the spirit of the “divochey hurtok” and what they represented.

My acceptance of this position has a lot to do with the feelings I had watching the DVD presentation, and as we move forward in this year of change, I pray that I can do justice to the women of our past, and instill pride in the women of our present and future.”

The staff of The New Pathway Publishers wish Chrystyna “Binka” Cahute all the best wishes, energy and creativity in the future.


Newly Elected President of OYK Toronto Branch Chrystyna Cahute