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Inky Mark MP Internment Postcard
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For this we came to Canada?
Please support Bill C-331 -- The Ukrainian Canadian Restitution Act

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Dear fellow Canadian,

A person with your family name, or one very similar to it, was imprisoned
as an "enemy alien" during Canada's first national internment operations
of 1914-1920.

Thousands of men and some women and children were herded into
Canadian concentration camps, forced to do heavy labour under difficult
conditions, What little they had was often confiscated. Many lost the right
to vote. Some were deported. All because of wartime hysteria and racism.

A list of all known internees, Roll Call, is available in many Canadian
public libraries. It's also on UCCLA's website.

To ensure that no other ethnic group, religious or racial minority ever has to
endure what Ukrainians and other Europeans did, we are asking the
Government of Canada to recognize this historic injustice and account for
what happened to the internees' confiscated wealth.

If Bill C-331: The Ukrainian Canadian Restitution Act is passed by the
House of Commons we would achieve these modest goals. But it will not
pass without your support. Please contact your Member of Parliament and
ask her or him to support Bill C-331. Show this card to other family
members and friends and ask them to join in our effort.

A few survivors of these internment operations are still alive. Maybe you
are one of them. Perhaps someone in your family -- a parent, a grandfather,
even a grandmother -- was interned, even though they had done nothing
wrong. Please, let's not forget them!

To find out more or to offer us your support contact:

Project Roll Call
Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association
Suite 277, 3044 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario, M8X 2Y8
Telephone (Toll Free): 1 877 344 4434

I. Mark, M.P. / depute

N'oublions pas
Never Forget
³ '

©2002 Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association with the support of the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko.

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