Barbed Wire


Winnipeg Free Press
14 November 1988

Barbed Wire

The article headlined Ukrainian-Canadian lobby for redress opposed (Free Press, November 6) does a disservice to your readership by suggesting that the private, and obviously not very well informed, opinions of Mr. Spolsky and Ms. Hryniuk, constitute some kind of "opposition" to the Ukrainian Canadian community's redress position.

Our national executive was mandated by the last national Ukrainian Canadian Congress to pursue this matter with the federal government. In doing so it has enjoyed widespread support from within our community and received a sympathetic hearing from the federal minister of multiculturalism, Gerry Weiner, who has explicitly recognized the validity of the Ukrainian Canadian case. As a "prominent" Ukrainian Canadian, Mr. Spolsky should have been aware of these matters. Perhaps it would have been more accurate of your reporter to refer to the viewpoints of Mr. Spolsky and Ms. Hryniuk as being those of a "minority".

Wasyl Werbeniuk

Barbed Wire

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Barbed Wire

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