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Ukrainian Dance Links

If you know of any other Ukrainian dance groups or folk ensembles with a webpage that would like their link added to this page, or if you know what happened to any of the dead links (where they moved, etc.) please e-mail Dunai to let us know.

Come check out other Ukrainian folk dance pages:

  • Arkan Dance Company
  • Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Cheremosh
  • Desna Ukrainian Dance Company
  • Dovbush Dancers
  • Dryden Zirka Dance Ensemble
  • Dunai Ukrainain Folk Ensemble
  • Folk Dance Team Ukraine
  • Halychyna Folklore Dance Ensemble
  • Hopak Ensemble
  • Kasthan - Ukrainian Cossak Song & Dance Ensemble
  • Kryla Ukrainian Dancers
  • Krynychenka
  • Kupalo Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Kvity Ukrainy Children's Choreographic Ensemble
  • Lelechenky (The Storks)
  • Maky Dance Ensemble
  • Marunczak Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Muzyka Ukrainian Dancers
  • Poltava Ukrainian Dance Company
  • Postoley Dance Ensemble
  • Romanetz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Roztiazhka Ukrainian Cossack Dancers
  • Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Sadok Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Shumka Dancers
  • Steppes
  • Sviato Folk-Show Group
  • Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Ukraina Dance Ensemble (Can)
  • Ukraina Dance Ensemble (USA)
  • Ukrainian Dancers of Miami
  • Ukrainian Folklore Group Poltava
  • Ukrainian National Dance
  • Ukrainian School of Arts
  • Veseli Cherevychky
  • Veselka
  • Vesnianka Dance Group
  • Viterets
  • Vohon Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Youth of Podillya
  • Zoloto Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

    What Ever Happened To:

  • Brigantina Dance Ensemble
  • Dnipro Ukrianian Folk Dance Ensemble
  • Lastivka
  • Postava Ukrainian Dance Emsemble
  • Tritsvit Dance Ensemble
  • Vesnyanka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company

    Contact Links/Resources:

  • Ukrainian Artists in Alberta - Dance Groups
  • Ukrainian Community Information - Verkhovyna Ensemble
  • Ukrainian Dance School Directory (Manitoba)
  • Ukrainian Dancing in Windsor
  • Ukrainain Sources - Dance Companies

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