To produce a work such as this requires the cooperation and dedication of many individuals. The involvement of the following is especially appreciated.
Rt. Reverend John Tataryn, pastor of St. Demetrius Church, approved and blessed the work. With his permission the St. Demetrius Branch of the UCWLC undertook the publication.
Reverend Terry Lozynsky contributed greatly to the success of the project by his advice, encouragement and enthusiastic support.
Christine Bolubash initiated the project. She brought back from Ukraine in 1988, at considerable personal risk, the original sketches and poems of Iryna Senyk. As President of the Book Committee she has worked tirelessly on the project.
Christine Borsuk spent many hours endeavoring to capture Iryna Senyk's lyricism in the translation of her poems into English.
Gloria Chychota took on the responsibility of treasurer for the book committee. Anne Cromoshuk used her organizational and artistic skills in planning the book launch.
Morris Diakowsky in his preface succeeds in giving the reader a deep insight into the strong but sensitive person of Iryna Senyk.
Bozhena lwanusiw, an enthusiast of Ukrainian embroidery, acted as advisor. She also contacted out-of-country publishers regarding the printing of the book.
Oleh lwanusiw was responsible for the photography of the ladies in their Iryna Senyk originals.
Olga Krawec was very active in soliciting funds for the publication of the book.
Beverley Rehaluk-Jenkins was instrumental in the planning of the book launch and in obtaining media coverage to make the general public aware of the event.
Maria Rypan gave of her talents as fashion designer in recreating Iryna's designs into elegant dresses. The book design is the result of her artistic creativity.
Eugene Rypan developed the computer graphic conversions of Iryna's ornamentations throughout the book.
Ariadna Stebelskyj wrote the scholarly introductory essay in which she explains the lyrical rhythm, metaphors and style of Iryna's poetry.
Elsie Stieglan as President of UCLWC strongly supported this project.
Lillian Yuryk handled the publicity, correspondence and assisted in organizing the fund raising.
Special recognition is due to the dedicated ladies of St. Demetrius UCWLC who generously assisted in all the fund-raising events. Without their help, this project would not have been possible.

Originally Composed: Friday July 17th, 1998.
Date last modified: Monday August 3, 1998.