Ne zhurys'
[Don't be morose]

Songs of Sichovi Stril'ci (1991)
  1. Oj u luzi chervona kalyna
  2. Ide sichove vijs'ko
  3. Oj, z-za hory chorna hmara
  4. Oj, vpav strilec'
  5. Pytajet'sja viter v smerti
  6. Chorna rillja izorana
  7. Bo vijna vijnoju
  8. Pyjmo, druzi [Let's drink friends]
  9. Zelenyj dubochku [Green oak]
  10. Nakryla nichka
  11. Oj, zacvila cheremha
  12. Zakvitchaly divchaton'ka
  13. Zazhurylys' halychanky
  14. Ne smije buty v nas strahu
  15. Koly my vmyraly
  16. O, Ukraino
  17. Povijav viter stepovyj
  18. Strilec'ki mohyly
  19. Sche ne vmerla Ukrayina [Ukrainian anthem]

All sound samples are in Real Audio 3.0 format.


The songs of Sichovi stril'ci [Volunteer armed forces from Western Ukraine, which went to protect fragile independence of Ukraine in 1918 and perished in the fight for the cause] is collection of songs composed by Levko Lepky, Roman Kupchyns'kyj, Oles' Babij, Vasyl' Babyns'kyj, Mykola Holubec', Myhajlo Hajvoron's'kyj. The songs reflect life in the camp of the warriors. Some of them are marches, some ballads as used to be sung by Ukrainian bards (kobzars), some are humorous.

Performance by L'viv based group Ne Zhyrys' provides beautiful vocal presentation of the songs. Vocal group of Ne Zhurys': Lesja Bonkovs'ka, Bohdan Henhalo, Vasyl' Zhdankin, Oleh Lyhach, Roman Mykytjuk, Viktor Morozov, Orest Homa. The group gave three concerts in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 1991: humorous Ukrainian songs, songs of Sichovi Stril'ci and another one. The concerts were extremely successful.

The excerpts from four songs can be downloaded from this page.

  1. Oj, u luzi chervona kalyna - march, anthem of Sichovi Stril'ci. The song was prohibited under communist rule (one could easily go to prison for listening to it).
  2. Pyjmo, druzi [Let's drink, friends] - waltz. Insightfully states that faithful are only music and wine (forget about women).
  3. Zelenyj dubochku [Green oak] - romance, acoustic guitar. To feel beauty of Ukrainian folk song, click here. The song is so good even communists didn't prohibit it (they changed some words though).
  4. Shche ne vmerla Ukrayina - Ukrainian anthem. If you have Encarta, 95, Compton, 95 or Groilier, 95, never listen to Ukrainian anthem from them, instead feel the way it should be performed by clicking here.

If you like these songs try also some folk songs by Kvitka Cysik.