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InfoUkes Launches New Website

For Immediate Release: Toronto - June 10th, 1997.

InfoUkes Inc. invites you to take a look at their recently launched web site

InfoUkes has been officially on-line since April 16th, 1997. It is the successor site to the well known   Ukes web site.

The purpose of the InfoUkes internet server is to provide a website of information about Ukraine and Ukrainians. The web site is designed primarily for people of Ukrainian descent, particularly English speaking North Americans, who wish to learn more about their heritage, but is also directed to anyone interested in Ukraine, Ukrainians and people of Ukrainian heritage.

In addition to the web site, InfoUkes also provides list server forums where individuals who sign-on can make inquiries, voice concerns and discuss issues related to Ukraine, Ukrainians and people of Ukrainian heritage. This electronic global village ("selo" in Ukrainian) is open to anyone who abides by the rules of the service and net etiquette.

InfoUkes was founded by a group of Canadian and US professionals of Ukrainian descent who are active on the internet.

To help defray the cost of the hardware and internet connection, InfoUkes Inc. seeks sponsors who wish to advertise on the web pages. The site should be of special interest to businesses wishing to reach the Ukrainian community in North America. InfoUkes Inc. also offers internet services such as private list servers, web page hosting and design, and other related services to organizations and businesses.

If you find this site and the information on it useful and would like to help maintain and expand this service, consider advertising on the InfoUkes website or sponsoring a particular service.

We also welcome ideas and contribution of material to be published on this site.

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